World-Class Activ with Alejandro Bedoya

To celebrate its first birhtday, Activ Nantes Supports thinks big and international with Alejandro Bedoya as the sponsor and spearhead of this rising association. Isn’t it logical when you claim to have members from all over France and the world ?

A modern and borderless association

This association has been a virtual storm among the supporting world in Nantes. Born a bit more than 3 years ago on social networks as ‘FCN Anonymous’, at a time when the networks had turned their backs on FC Nantes, at a time when FCN was laboriously fighting in L2 (French 2nd division)… With a wealth of knowledge of the topic and a great set of internal skills in terms of communication as well as actions, the « Anonymous » federate their movement around an association called « Activ Nantes Supports ». Dealing with diverse issues such as how FC Nantes is considered by the medias, but also current issues about football on and outside the field, the « Activ » or A.N.S will break away (without being offside) thanks to a strong activism.

A long-standing international dimension

With a wealth of hyperactivity, the association will affect FCN fans from all over the world, even leading to a completely original document throughout a collaboration with Radio Côte d’amour . It’s with a wealth of this image that A.N.S. will keep on developping. The American international player is simply establishing this work. The technical touch of FCN’s number 7 and what he conveys through his approachability with the fans make him a major asset for the image that this young association aims at conveying : modernity and sympathy.

A wealthy collaboration with Anthony Marsais from Radio côte d’amour.

« I believe that we will win ! »

Symbol of this new, creative FC Nantes, he is close from the fans and doesn’t hesitate to come and celebrate with them : it’s Alejandro Bedoya who brought this song to the locker-room of the Canaries and leads the «batttle cry», as to blow this so U.S atlantic wind of « fighting spirit » or « winning spirit » which fits Nantes so well since they have come back to Ligue 1. Even though he has not always started the matches, Bedoya , who was the FCN ambassador at the World Cup, is however a player who shows he is essential, particularly when he comes in and is decisive. This « never-give-up » state of mind clings to the image of the association. #Wenevergiveup


Other symbol of this new FC Nantes, the association was celebrating its first birthday last weekend. An association that has more than 150 members after only one year of existence, never seen before in Nantes ! With a wealth of a culture with different backgrounds, the association federates the movement of fans, cares for all the different sensitivities, without judging anybody’s beliefs. Whatever the stand, the spearhead remains the culture of FCN colours and it’s this tour de force that the Activ managed to complete. An exercise to notice in this so complex and passionate world.

FOOTBALL : Marseille vs Nantes - Ligue 1 - 06/12/2013

Both parts are major actors in this « FCN world » who finally quite naturally come together. It is an alliance between the sports world and the associations, both symbols of a fresh impetus, a new energy, their union is almost obvious. The members will soon have the opportunity to regularly meet the new darling of the public, in particular after the matches and when the players practise thanks to « made in Activ » entries. What a beautiful union and a beautiful symbol to show the yellow and green wave keeps on moving forward.

Find the Activ in and around the stadium but above all at the restaurant « La Belle Equipe » on many occasions and evenings they organize.

Retro 2013-14 by the Activ’ :

Damien Baumard from (translated into English by Nicolas Moulins aka Nico Mills from ANS, FCNexpats and Esprit Canari)

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